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Hi, I’m Harris Harrington, creator of Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method, a complete 10-hour recovery program for sufferers of depersonalization.

For nearly two years I experienced chronic depersonalization disorder.

I thought I was going to be stuck with the disorder forever.

There were many moments when I completely lost hope and thought the feelings would never go away.

You probably have had a similar experience.

  • You might have read online a number of horror stories by those who have been stuck with the disorder for years or decades and asked yourself “if these people didn’t recover, how can I?”
  • You may have bought one of the few books on DP that says there is no cure.
  • You may have gone to a therapist, or a number of therapists and been misdiagnosed with just depression or anxiety. Or, maybe you went to a therapist who knew about depersonalization, but they didn’t know how to treat it and they convinced you that you should just live with the disorder.

The information I want to show you is simply not known by most therapists. In my program I show you the information that took years of intense research and experimentation to acquire.

As it turns out, THERE IS A WAY TO CURE DP.

Before I tell you my story, I want to first share with you the Four Myths of Depersonalization – erroneous beliefs that prevent most depersonalization sufferers from attaining a complete recovery:

  • Myth #1: “Just stop worrying about depersonalization and it will go away!” While it’s not terrible advice to stop worrying about it, this alone will NOT cure or reduce depersonalization. Think about it: if worrying about depersonalization were the cause, then how did you get depersonalization in the first place?
  • Myth #2: Supplements and medications can cure depersonalization. They cannot. (See my video: Can Supplements Cure Depersonalization?)
  • Myth #3: Depersonalization is just a symptom of anxiety. Anxiety and depersonalization do have some things in common, but they are separate disorders and require separate remedies. Depersonalization is a dissociative disorder, while anxiety is not.
  • Myth #4: Therapy is an effective cure for depersonalization. The sad fact is, the vast majority of therapists have never even heard of depersonalization. They do not know what it is or what causes it, let alone how to cure it. Finding a good therapist can potentially be helpful, but they are hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you are suffering from depersonalization, you know what it’s like to have your quality of life totally devastated, and feel cut off from your self, your emotions, and the people around you. You likely obsess about existential issues constantly and are frightened by the very nature of existence itself.

I went through these terrifying feelings and sensations every day for two years, experiencing panic attack after panic attack, and constant rumination about the disorder.

dp guyI felt that I was going to be stuck in an existential hell for the rest of my life.

I felt detached from my own self, like an automaton without free will, numb to everything and everyone around me. The world felt flat, and two dimensional. People seemed like robots, and I felt that I had lost my soul.

There were many days I felt like I was going to lose control and go insane.

In addition, I suffered alone, and had no one that empathized with what I was going through. No one could possibly understand what I was dealing with, or the nature of depersonalization disorder. Therapists I had talked to had no idea of what depersonalization was or how to treat it. I tried a plethora of dietary supplements, none of which provided any relief.

In addition, I went through every program, book, and audio course on depersonalization in existence, and although some of the material was interesting, none of it cured depersonalization.

I decided to devote the majority of my waking hours to the study of depersonalization from as many angles as possible. I scoured academic literature, online forums, books on personal development, and neurobiology textbooks.

After thousands of hours of studying, doing writing exercises, grounding techniques, and applying a dozen therapeutic methods, I hit a few critical breakthroughs that literally and metaphorically blew my mind.

I experienced moments of re-realization and re-personalization.

What I mean my by that is that these were moments of instantaneous recovery.

After the first moment of recovery, although I still felt depersonalized, the symptoms of derealization evaporated. The sensation of visual and emotional flatness went away and I re-experienced the world in 3D. My senses felt keen and the external world became real again. The fog had lifted.

In the second moment of recovery, the symptoms of depersonalization instantly went away as well. I no longer felt like an automaton, or puppet pulled by strings. I felt like an active agent again, in total control of my mind and actions.

So you may be wondering, what precipitated these two miraculous moments of recovery? What ultimately cured my depersonalization?

I put everything I used to recover into my ten-hour video program, called Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method. If you have been suffering from Depersonalization Disorder, this is the program you have been waiting for.

What I have created is the most comprehensive recovery program for depersonalization disorder, and the only complete video course on it currently in existence.

Testimonials and Reviews

…the Total intergration method is fantastic. I am currently using it in combination with … a book on codependency (something youll learn about in the TIM) The total intergration method is a must for anyone with DP and I completly vouch for it… ive started to experience moments where dp completly dissapears. And recently these moments have been happening way more frequently and lasting alot longer!

— “Skier”, Jan 2012


Most that are experiencing the very odd sensation of DP are completely ignorant to the fact that this dissociative disorder has to do with some type of emotional abuse or trauma. It’s not your fault because this information is essentially new to the study of the disorder. Every single one of you (and I mean every single one of you) experienced some emotional trauma from your parents or guardian whether you think so or not. I was opposed to the thought of this as well until I bought Harris harrington’s [program] because my DP was so terrible. I would have to leave classes at college everyday in fear of having panic attacks in class. I am completely panic and anxiety free now… The DR is completely gone

— “Barry b”, Jan 2012


7. Harris Harrington’s depersonalization cure 12 step integration method
results: Personally, I found this very useful… It was most helpful for me to understand my symptoms and to give me some tools in overcoming them. I also learned a lot about how I got this point in my life (disorganized attachment, dysfunctional family system, etc.)… my psychoanalyst looked it over and actually suggested I work on the program between sessions.

— “newyork”, Nov 2011


Im currently on part 5 of the 12 part videos that come in the full program and im already starting to understand deeply why i have dp and dr and understanding why is already starting to make me feel better and feel less dp and dr. The first 6 or so parts of the program teach you about the causes and symptoms of dp and dr as well as cover the neurology of the brain in incredible depth. Then the last parts of the program go over how to overcome certain things and how to heal emotionally through different exercises.

I will be honest and say that a lot of the stuff that is covered can be unsettling when you realize it can be applied to you, but that is part of the recovery progress is to realize that you are in denial or you were not even aware of the psychological trauma that was going on that led to dp and dr.

— “UnsettledBrute”, Nov 2011


I would highly recommend this program for anyone trying to figure their way out of the hellish state of Depersonalization Disorder. The main difficulty with DD, is that it’s impossible to explain to people who’ve never experienced it, so having an ex DD sufferer explaining all this, is really reassuring. It’s also great value for money, as many psychologists don’t understand DD, and you could spend hours and lots of money on totally pointless therapies. I really think anyone with DD should buy this program, don’t be cautious because it’s not made by a professional doctor or think that it’s a con. A lot of my ‘symptoms’ have gone now, and my psychologist couldn’t believe how much better I’d got, and how quickly. I hope that anyone buying this gets as much relief and understanding as I did!

— Carys, UK, April 2011


Many people from all over the world have emailed me their success stories of recovering from DP using my method.

Use the method that has already cured people all over the world of DP

This program will:

  • Eliminate all symptoms of depersonalization and derealization
  • Completely reconnect you with your sense of self and your emotions
  • Clear away mental fogginess, detachment, numbness, and emotional flatness
  • Eliminate panic and allow you to feel calm and grounded
  • Get you to feel like your old self again, before you had depersonalization

The exercises that led to my complete recovery, I have put in this program. These exercises brought about instant moments where I immediately recovered. In the same way that the disorder was precipitated by a sudden, acute panic attack, it went away in instant moments of repersonalization. I completely recovered from both the symptoms of depersonalization and derealization. The symptoms completely evaporated. I felt like an active agent again, in total control of my mind and actions. My senses became vivid. I experienced the world in 3D again. It was almost like Pinocchio becoming a real boy.

I felt alive again.

I want to show you what I did to make these moments happen. When you use my program, you will feel alive again as well.

I want to show you the techniques that I used to completely recover from Depersonalization Disorder.

My program is packed with epiphanies that will get you to recover from this disorder as fast as humanly possible.

Depersonalization is very treatable, but if untreated it can go on for years, even decades.

But sadly many people never recover from Depersonalization Disorder, and they spend the rest of their lives living in an existential hell.

By applying the methods and exercises in my program, you can also start your path to recovery.

I am not a licensed therapist, but I know vastly more than most therapists about Depersonalization Disorder. That’s not to brag. It’s just a sad fact that most therapists aren’t even aware of the existence of this disorder. Not only that, but most therapists MIS-diagnose Depersonalization Disorder, which usually prolongs the disorder for most people. People are told, often against their will by doctors, that they have a disorder they know they don’t have.

Depersonalization disorder is totally treatable, but the reality is that most therapists and clinicians don’t even know what it is.

Not only do they not know of an effective treatment for depersonalization, but many therapy sessions cost well over 100 dollars an hour to talk to a therapist who may not even be aware of depersonalization. Many people spend years in therapy, and never recover from Depersonalization.

The information in this program can not be found anywhere else on the internet

This program contains expert-level knowledge, and is jam-packed with the most potent therapeutic methods, that I have specially tailored to your specific needs. I used these same methods to recover.

Depersonalization is a dissociative disorder. When accumulated trauma and stresses build up over a period of time, it is extremely unhealthy, and causes psychic pain. If this psychic pain goes on for long enough, a person can depersonalize as a way of pushing this pain out of conscious awareness. This results in feelings of detachment from the self, and the surrounding environment. Literally, higher and more advanced parts of the brain don’t process the pain. This causes dysfunctions in brain processing, resulting in disconnectivity between different brain regions. Your brain literally disintegrates in terms of its functioning. This program is about reintegrating the functioning of your physical brain.

Most people with depersonalization are not even aware of the emotional pain that is causing them to dissociate, just as I wasn’t, until I intensely studied the topic and found the solutions for myself.

This program will help you identify the root causes of your depersonalization so that you can deal with them, and thereby eliminating the cause, and consequently reintegrating your brain. By doing so, you will rid yourself of the disorder.

By completing my program your physical brain will grow new connections – that’s why it’s called the Total Integration Method. This entire program is based ultimately, on the most cutting edge neuroscientific findings.

Depersonalization is partly a psychosomatic illness, meaning it is a mind-body disorder that is caused by primarily psychological issues. Because you have likely suffered emotional trauma that has been too painful for you to consciously process, the pain has been pushed out of your conscious mind, resulting in the bizarre symptoms of DP. In addition, the negative thought loops and anxiety provoking worries that DP sufferers obsess over worsen and prolong the disorder.

Depersonalization is related to the Obsessive-Compulsive spectrum, which is the reason why DP sufferers constantly ruminate about their symptoms and have trouble focusing on the things in their life.

DP is also related to anxiety, and is often accompanied by panic attacks, paranoia about health issues known as hypochondriasis, and generalized anxiety.

DP can be caused by a number of factors, and the course of the disorder is different for everyone, but it is almost universally the result of accumulated trauma. As the psychic stress and trauma builds in the person’s mind, they usually reach a point where the disorder is triggered in an acute fashion. For others, depersonalization occurs in a gradual way. Whatever the onset, depersonalization is a dissociative reaction. Dissociation is a way for the brain to split off from pain. It is a way for your brain to push pain out of conscious awareness.

It is the escape when there is no escape.

This program is about curing depersonalization via what I call “total integration”. The phrase total integration can be interpreted in a number of ways.

On a neurobiological level, total integration has to do with integrating the functioning of your physical brain. In Depersonalization, there is actual disconnectivity between certain brain regions. This program will reconnect and reintegrate your brain.

On an emotional level, total integration is about processing suppressed and denied emotions. You integrate these elements by first bringing them into conscious awareness so that you can truly experience them. By writing about them and weaving these traumatic experiences in a personal narrative, you fully integrate these emotions with your linguistic processing. This will get you to truly master your emotional world.

On a self-conceptual and identity level, total integration is about re-owning elements of your self that you have been denied. Depersonalization often involves disowning elements of ourselves. I will get you to discover these elements of your self concept so that you can re-integrate them into who you are. By doing this you will experience the world again in a holistic way.

And finally I have developed a set of exercises that I call Total Integration Exercises. These are advanced grounding techniques that get you to feel totally grounded in the present moment.

I have created the program I wish I had when I got this disorder.

I also want to stress that the methods and information in this program are based on the most cutting edge neuroscientific and clinical literature. Though I did create a number of the powerful techniques myself, much of the information is adapted from the most respected academics in a number of fields.

Because Depersonalization is a multifaceted disorder, I have used an integrated and cross disciplinary approach to tackle the diverse aspects of DP. I have drawn from a number of therapies such as attachment related therapies, family systems therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other schools of thought.

sedation site oneThe course is extremely comprehensive, but it is also designed to cater to your specific psychological problems. Depersonalization Disorder manifests itself differently for everyone, and this program takes that into account by getting you to hone in on your specific problems so that you can correct them and regain a healthy sense of self.

If you, or someone you know has Depersonalization Disorder, I URGE you to order this program immediately. This purchase WILL be the difference that dramatically transforms your life for the better.

If you don’t give yourself the gift of ordering this program, then you will go on with this disorder for the unforeseeable future. I don’t say that to sound tragic. I say that because that is the reality for most people that have this disorder.

Depersonalization is a particularly tenacious disorder. It will stay with you for a long time if you don’t take major action. This program is about totally obliterating depersonalization disorder. The longer you have DP, the more deeply ingrained the disorder becomes. It becomes harder and harder to get rid of with each passing day. The neural pathways that depersonalization uses become well worn thought processes in your mind that are harder to change with the passage of time.

By ordering this program, you are taking massive action in getting over this disorder and back to a normal life.

This program is a result of my arduous fight with this disorder and is packed with lessons from my trials, tribulations, and intense research. You get to learn not only from experiences, but the thousands of hours of study and synthesizing of information that I did. You are not going to stumble upon this information by casually flipping through a book or watching some Youtube clips. Nowhere else will you find all this information in one place.

This program is your lifeline to a restored sense of self and well being.

By ordering this program you will empower yourself with knowledge few depersonalized people ever get ahold of. In fact, most people with Depersonalization don’t ever get a fraction of the information contained in my program. You won’t be another bleak, hopeless statistic, but rather an example of someone who came out of the other side of this disorder even stronger than you were before.

This program will be the difference between feeling like a soulless robot in a hazy dream or like a real, living human being again.

Recovery can be yours when you order Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method.

Program Table of Contents:

  • Disc 1: Introduction, Overview, and DP Symptoms 1
  • Disc 2: DP Symptoms 2
  • Disc 3: Neurobiology of Depersonalization
  • Disc 4: Attachment and Depersonalization
  • Disc 5: Family Systems and Trauma 1
  • Disc 6: Family Systems and Trauma 2
  • Disc 7: Repersonalization and Ego States
  • Disc 8: Secure Base and Personal Narrative
  • Disc 9: Total Integration and Cognitive Principles
  • Disc 10: CBT and Obsession
  • Disc 11: Personal Development
  • Disc 12: Supplements, Diet, Exercise, and Conclusion

Let me give you a brief explanation of how my program works.

The program is roughly divided into two halves.  In the first half of the program, I am going to give you a multi-level explanation of what depersonalization is and what causes it.  This will lay the foundation for the second half of the program, where we will apply what we learned in the first half to completely eliminate depersonalization.

Discs 1 and 2: Introduction, Overview, and DP Symptoms

In this section I give you a bird’s-eye-view of all the material we will be covering. This includes a detailed profile of depersonalization and derealization, the relationship between DP and other disorders, as well as information on many issues that are common among sufferers. This section alone will bring you massive relief and clear up much confusion.

Disc 3: Neurobiology of Depersonalization

We are going to explore the neurobiology of depersonalization, which will explain how depersonalization is literally caused by a lack of interconnection between regions of your brain. This will reassure you that you are not going to go insane, and will give you the confidence that you can make a full recovery because the exercises in the second half of the program will re-integrate these brain regions.

Disc 4: Attachment Theory

We are going to discuss “attachment theory“, and how you likely acquired a “disorganized attachment style” in the first years of your life that gave you a predisposition to dissociate under stress. We will learn how to acquire an “earned secure” attachment style in the second half of the program.

Discs 5 and 6: Family Systems

Next, we are going to look at many issues relating to family systems, interpersonal trauma, and other sources of trauma that produce emotional pain. We will cover many examples so that you can identify your specific problems that are causing you to dissociate. You will likely experience many epiphanies during this part of the program as you become consciously aware of many issues you may have been in denial of or simply had not understood. This alone will be a major step toward eliminating depersonalization for most people.

Disc 7: Repersonalization and Ego States

We are going to learn about the multiple “ego states” that you experience under stress, as a result of disorganized attachment, and how to integrate these into a coherent whole. You will learn how to develop a sense of earned security, resulting in emotional resilience in the face of future stress. Consequently, your tendency to dissociate will greatly diminish.

Disc 8: Secure Base and Personal Narrative

We will then work on constructing your personal narrative. This will enable you to consciously process your past emotional pain and integrate it into your sense of self, so that you are no longer traumatized by it, thereby removing the major source of depersonalization. Your personal narrative will also help you feel more connected with your life story, making you feel more real again.

Disc 9: Total Integration and Cognitive Principles

Next we will learn the total integration exercises, which are advanced grounding techniques that enable you to feel totally grounded in the present moment.

Disc 10: CBT and Obsession

We will then cover some powerful cognitive techniques. These will eliminate the obsessive self-focus, rumination about DP, distorted thinking, and existential fears that accompany depersonalization and derealization.

Disc 11: Personal Development

In the personal development section we will work on developing a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in life which will make you feel connected with yourself and the world.

Disc 12: Supplements, Diet, Exercise, and Conclusion

Finally, I will offer some advice about diet, supplements, and exercise that will, in conjunction with the rest of the program, greatly speed up your recovery, as well as help you avoid lots of bogus supplements that DON’T work.

This comprehensive program WILL cure your depersonalization disorder.

Most therapy sessions cost over 100 dollars per hour, and the therapist usually doesn’t know DP even exists!

Many people spend over $100 per hour on therapy sessions with therapists who have never heard of depersonalization, or spend literally thousands of dollars on supplements and medications that do nothing, or that can even prolong and worsen depersonalization and derealization.

For less than the price of a single therapy session, you can have  instant access to this ten-hour program, and begin the process of healing from depersonalization today.

If you don’t overcome DP, then you aren’t going to live the life you want to live. 

Finally, I have to say that if you don’t get over this handicapping disorder, then your quality of life is going to be in the toilet for the forseeable future.  You won’t be able to do the things you want to do, have the friendships you want to have, or even enjoy life as much.  I know, because I’ve been there for years.

What is the risk you are taking by not taking action?

I’m not kidding, you will likely be stuck with this disorder for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE if you don’t take action.  I would still be depersonalized too.

By ordering this program you are going to take the action to live the life you want to live.

Don’t waste your valuable time and money on ineffective treatments.  Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method is the quickest and cheapest way to make a complete recovery from depersonalization disorder.  Click on the link below to place an order via my secure Paypal site.

Depersonalization Recovery: Total Integration Method
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