Is Depersonalization Disorder Enlightenment and Awakening?

The topic of this video is spirituality and depersonalization disorder. Now this is a very big topic, but I’m going to try and address it as best I can in this short video.

Depersonalization disorder is not usually just seen as a mental disorder, but as an identity crisis, it can also sometimes be viewed as a form of enlightenment and oftentimes there are very spiritual elements people get into, when they experience depersonalization disorder.

So people feel cut off from their sense of self, they feel cut off from the external reality.

Buddhism as a religion, and as an ideology is often attractive to people with DP because it seems to resonate with what they experience.

Although Buddhism is not a bad religion, it is usually used as a rationalization for DP sufferers. For this reason I really think that it is more of hinderance than help for people with DP.

DP is not enlightenment, but actually the opposite. It is a state of dissociation where you feel frightened of existence, and are cut off from your true emotions, and your true needs as a person.

In my 10 hour video program the Total Integration Method, I show you how to get over DP for good.

Once you recover from DP, your view on reality will also change.