Marijuana and Depersonalization: Can you Still Smoke Weed?

This has to be one of the most often asked questions relating to depersonalization and derealization. People really want to know if it’s ok to smoke marijuana, weed, cannabis again.

This is just a very bad idea.

Many people acquire depersonalization through a marijuana induced panic attack. This is what happened to me.

Even if you didn’t get depersonalization or derealization through smoking weed, I still don’t recommend that you smoke weed.

It could send you into even worse DP/DR than you had before. This happens to a lot of people.

The best solution is to find a way to live marijuana free. That might be hard. You might know a lot of people that use it regularly and there may be social pressure. I suggest being very assertive and communicative about the effects that marijuana can have on you. If your friends don’t understand that, then they aren’t the best friends I could imagine you having.