Using Distraction to Alleviate Depersonalization and Derealization

Distraction is one of the most often recommended tools for getting over depersonalization disorder. It can definitely be helpful. In fact, I hate to call it distraction, I’d rather just use the term “living your life”.

In the above video I describe what my concept of distraction boils down to.

What it really comes down to is the information you put into your brain (inputs) and the hobbies and activities you are engaged in (outputs).

The good news is that literally anything besides engaging in self focus is a form of “distraction”, which as a term means “to take off the path”. That assumes that you should be sitting there all day focusing on your self and your condition. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, you should be spending most of your time focused on external things. This relieves you of the burden of self focus. Self focus and self consciousness is really a burden.

Reading a book, watching a documentary, engaging in a project such as a making a video, painting, or even playing a game can get you out of yourself. It’s so important to get out of your head.

Quit thinking about life so much, and start living a fulfilling life.